Top 5 Worst K-Drama Mamas

Hopefully, you spent Mother’s Day honoring some of the awesome women in your life. I spent mine with my mom (the incomparable Debbie), talking about one of our favorite topics: K-dramas! My mom has a voracious appetite for anything drama related, and the conversation naturally turned to mothers. K-dramas are notorious for mean mamas. With... Continue Reading →

Booze Over Flowers

Put on your fancy suits, cook some ramen, and don’t forget the soju when you’re playing our drinking game for the ultimate high school K-drama, Boys Over Flowers. Take a drink when: 1. Someone is drowning 2. Someone is kidnapped 3. Jan Di says “Gu Jun Pyo” 4. Jun Pyo says “Guem Jan Di” 5.... Continue Reading →

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