The LIT Crowd

Are you ready to drink booze and kick ass? Do you want to enjoy the absurd British comedy styles of Richard Ayoade (Moss) and Noel Fielding (Richmond) but Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace and The Mighty Boosh are a bit too batshit insane for you? Thanks to the black box (aka the internet), you can crease up... Continue Reading →

Chugga Lugga Chug Chug!

Even if you don’t have access to a portal gun to take you to a dimension with kalaxian crystals, you can still get riggity-riggity-wrecked with our Rick and Morty drinking game.   Take a drink when: Rick belches Beth and Jerry fight Jerry makes a lame joke Jerry cries Summer talks about her top Morty... Continue Reading →

Booze Over Flowers

Put on your fancy suits, cook some ramen, and don’t forget the soju when you’re playing our drinking game for the ultimate high school K-drama, Boys Over Flowers. Take a drink when: 1. Someone is drowning 2. Someone is kidnapped 3. Jan Di says “Gu Jun Pyo” 4. Jun Pyo says “Guem Jan Di” 5.... Continue Reading →

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