Happy Stranger Chrismas!

If you’ve seen our post about the scavenger hunt  for our Harry Potter Halloween party, then you already know that Stephanie and I have a penchant for pop culture-inspired holiday parties and cheap-ass, easy decorations. Our Christmas party was no exception. After we found an incredible picture of the white Chrises of cinema on a... Continue Reading →

Review: Wonder

Wonder made my mom cry. But it’s the kind of movie designed to make moms cry, so that’s not really saying much. The story of a fifth-grade boy with a severe facial deformity (Jacob Tremblay) going to school for the first time was bound to cause a few sniffles. To the film’s credit, it’s not... Continue Reading →

Review: The Justice League

The Justice League is bad, but it’s also not the complete and utter slog Batman vs. Superman was. There’s certainly entertainment to be had, and I wouldn’t hate to watch it again. Unfortunately for the film, that’s largely to do with its incompetence. There’s a certain level of ineptitude that you just can’t help but... Continue Reading →

Review: The Florida Project

With The Florida Project, Sean Baker walks a very fine line. Like in his last film Tangerine, he’s examining a group of people marginalized by society. But the movie refrains from being either a sentimental sermon or dismissive caricature. It lives somewhere in the middle. Offering some truly trashy and often hilarious moments with some... Continue Reading →

Review: Blade Runner 2049

Honestly, it’s been two months since I’ve seen Blade Runner 2049, so this is really more of a distant reflection. I liked the film, a lot really. In some ways, I would even say its better than the original. It certainly works better as a detective story. Ryan Gosling’s K actually does detective work that... Continue Reading →

A Charity Mega-Single that Doesn’t Suck

Charity mega-singles often feel less like attempts to heal the world with music and more like lame, indulgent means to stroke the egos of those celebrities involved. They’re the musical precursors to Tom Hiddleston’s Golden Globe acceptance speech in which he rambled about how he went to Africa to help medics from Doctors Without Borders... Continue Reading →

Drunkman Vs. Drunkerman: Dawn of Inebriation

In celebration of the new Justice League movie which critics are heralding as not completely awful, we bring you a drinking game for the truly awful film that first brought together D.C.’s most iconic characters: Batman vs. Superman. Zack Snyder’s steaming pile of shit is so depressing, boring and sloppy that it will undoubtedly lead... Continue Reading →

Review: Thor Ragnarok

I’m not exactly a Thor fanatic. I have seen zero previous Thor movies, and all I know about his character is from the first Avengers movie. However, I do know a few things about the film’s director, Taika Waititi, and much of my enjoyment of this film results from Waititi’s signature humor. The New Zealand... Continue Reading →

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