Drinking Games

Chugga Lugga Chug Chug!


Even if you don’t have access to a portal gun to take you to a dimension with kalaxian crystals, you can still get riggity-riggity-wrecked with our Rick and Morty drinking game.

Take a drink when:

  1. Rick belches
  2. Beth and Jerry fight
  3. Jerry makes a lame joke
  4. Jerry cries
  5. Summer talks about her top
  6. Morty kicks ass
  7. Morty stutters
  8. Someone says “squanch”
  9. Rick breaks the 4th wall
  10. Rick is drunk and/or high
  11. Rick rants about Szechuan sauce

Finish your drink when:

  1. The show gets emotional
  2. Rick and Morty “get schwifty”
  3. Morty turns into a car
  4. Bird Person saves Morty

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