Dream Knightcap

Got7's web series Dream Knight has way more K-Pop boyband shenanigans than anyone can handle--which is why you need to play a drinking game to get through it.

2017 Was Bullshit

Note: This is a collaborative piece by both Amanda and Stephanie Unless you’re a rich, cis-male white supremacist, this was just not your year. But we’re not here to dwell on serious issues, like the barrage of sexual harassment/assault allegations that shed light on the dark impact of rape culture in pop culture. We stick true... Continue Reading →

A Charity Mega-Single that Doesn’t Suck

Charity mega-singles often feel less like attempts to heal the world with music and more like lame, indulgent means to stroke the egos of those celebrities involved. They’re the musical precursors to Tom Hiddleston’s Golden Globe acceptance speech in which he rambled about how he went to Africa to help medics from Doctors Without Borders... Continue Reading →


Fxxk it, don’t be a sober loser; get you’re cray-on bae bae, and maybe you’ll wake up with a beautiful hangover. K-Pop kings BIGBANG may be on hiatus, but that doesn’t mean we can’t binge drink while binge-watching some of their T.O.P.-quality music videos, both as a group and their solo projects. Get ready for... Continue Reading →

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