Comedy Chug! Chug!

Welcome to Comedy Chug! Chug! I’m Amanda (caption: A-man-duh), and we have a great game for you this evening, or whenever you’re doing this. While alcohol may not be one of the substances associated with Comedy Bang! Bang!’s viewership, booze is always a fine choice when binging absurdist comedy, or pretty much anything. Say hello to every spoof imaginable as well as plenty of random mishaps you could never imagine. Enjoy the best anti-talk show ever while partaking in plenty of anti-non-alcoholic beverages.  

Take a drink when:

  1. You get that reference.
  2. Reggie doesn’t play music when he’s supposed to.
  3. A guest looks into the camera.
  4. Scott abandons his guest. 
  5. Scott and the band leader discuss sportsball.
  6. A trailer is shown.
  7. The taxidermy or Bookie talks.
  8. Someone pulls out a weapon.
  9. Scott’s name is misspelled. 
  10. The band leader asks the guest a question.
  11. Someone comments on Scott’s sexual experience, or inexperience. 
  12. Someone travels through time. 

Pick two of the following talk show guests. Finish your drink when they appear.

(Warning: Sometimes a couple of these guests appear on the same episode.) 

  1. Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber
  2. A hipster musician
  3. Fabrice Fabrice 
  4. Scott’s parents
  5. Zach Galifinakas (as himself or Santa)
  6. A stabby orphan
  7. A politician

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