Drunker Things

Stranger Things Drinking Game

Most of us have already raced through the third season of Stranger Things. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a boozy binge fest of our favorite nostalgic monster show.

But before we get started, we have just a few questions: Are you older than most of the characters on the show? Do you like D&D but prefer games that involve alcohol? Are you prepared to get so turnt that you feel like you’re in the Upside Down? And most importantly, are you ready for things to get strange? If you answered yes to all of these, then gather your party for our Stranger Things drinking game. Warning: Don’t ride bicycles under the influence. 

Take a drink when:

  1. Someone says “Mind Flayer” or “Demo-dog.”
  2. Someone gets possessed or kidnapped by a creature from the Upside Down.
  3. Joyce cries. 
  4. Joyce takes an innovative approach to Christmas decorating. 
  5. Someone uses a walkie-talkie. 
  6. Mr. Clarke explains some wacky scientific theory.
  7. Hopper drinks and/or smokes. 
  8. Hopper yells at someone. 
  9. Steve whoops some demo-dog ass.
  10. Steve gets his ass whooped.
  11. Eleven eats Eggos. 
  12. Eleven’s nose bleeds.
  13. Dustin curses. 
  14. A totally rad ‘80s jam is playing. 
  15. The kids are playing D&D.
  16. Jonathan is creeping on Nancy with his camera. 
  17. Erica makes a sassy comment. 

Finish your drink when:

  1. Nancy gets drunk.
  2. Murray encourages two characters to get it on. 
  3. Billy flirts with Mrs. Wheeler. 
  4. Barb disappears.
  5. Dustin participates in a romantic duet. 

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