Cocktailed It!

Nailed It! Drinking Game

At Academic Exiles, we decided that if you can’t nail it, you can at least cocktail it by playing our drinking game for the Netflix amateur baking show Nailed It! After all, nothing goes better with burnt cookies and raw cake than alcohol, and there are no better drinking buddies than Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres.

Take a drink when:

  1. Someone flirts with Jacques
  2. Nicole flirts with one of the contestants
  3. Nicole drinks alcohol, or at least talks about it
  4. Nicole yells for Wes
  5. Jacques takes a bad selfie
  6. Someone hits the panic button
  7. A contestant burns something
  8. A dessert is leaning
  9. Someone can’t get their cake out of the pan
  10. Cake batter overflows in the oven
  11. A sassy baking tip appears on the screen

Finish your drink when:

  1. Guest judge Sylvia Weinstock steals something from the set
  2. A dessert collapses
  3. A contestant doesn’t look at the recipe

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