Real Housewives of Rosé All Day

Real Housewives Franchise Drinking Game

Sure, the ladies of Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise differ across the various locales. (I mean, the Beverly Hills housewives are just so much richer than everyone else.) But they all share a connection even deeper than matrimony, consumerism or weave tracks: booze. Parties, shopping sprees, vacations, charity events, casual get-togethers, tea parties, breakfast—every occasion is treated as an opportunity to get schwasted (often on wine, but they’ll guzzle anything). To celebrate The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s recent return for their 100th season (or something like that), we’ve put together a drinking game fit for any installment of the franchise. Get ready: it’s turtle time!

Take a drink when:

  1. Someone says a catchphrase.
  2. The ladies don costumes for an event.
  3. Someone is drunk.
  4. Someone cries.
  5. The ladies leave for vacation.
  6. Someone fights (verbal and/or physical).
  7. The housewives talk about sex.
  8. One of the ladies throws a party.
  9. A housewife is called a whore, slut, trashy hooker—anything along those lines.
  10. The housewives go shopping.
  11. Andy gets sassy and/or fed up during the reunion.

Finish your drink when:

  1. Someone gets arrested.
  2. A new cast member joins.
  3. One of the housewives gets divorced.
  4. One of the housewives gets married.
  5. One of the housewives gets pregnant.
  6. Hair (real or fake) is pulled.
  7. Wardrobe malfunction.
  8. A cast member gets a new house (or finally finishes building one).

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