Review – AHS: Apocalypse “Forbidden Fruit”

Last week, I wasn’t able to watch American Horror Story live. Amanda and I were actually at an advanced screening of A Star Is Born, and it seemed like everyone was either talking about how they were missing AHS or commenting on Lady Gaga’s tenure as the Countess in season six. So in a way, we still engaged with the show. But before tonight’s new episode airs, I thought I’d share some thoughts on “Forbidden Fruit.”

  • Well, everyone died! That was a pretty big thing that happened in this episode. Meade and Langdon were the only regular cast members spared from some kind of gruesome end, and one of them isn’t even technically alive.
  • Meade is confirmed to be a robot. I enjoyed her Halloween-themed flashbacks, even if they are a little on the nose. I mean, really? Rosie from The Jetsons and Rosemary’s Baby. J-Hope EyerollI’m too lazy to think of BTS jokes, so enjoy this GIF of J-Hope’s truly epic eye roll instead. (Source)

    But also, how did that woman not properly i.d. little Meade’s costume? That was a spot-on Rosie.

  • Also, how dumb is Venable to so completely trust a robot that she didn’t program? Meade keeps going on and on about her programming and a beautiful blonde boy from her past who is very dear to her. Come on, woman! Beautiful! Blonde! You should know who she’s talking about.
  • We know where the snakes are coming from now. Apparently, they’re a side effect of Michael making collect calls to Hell. Between all the blood in the pentagram scene and the vomit following the apples, this episode definitely had the most bodily fluids so far this season. Yay?
  • I like how Venable is all “we’re celebrating Halloween, so create some Victorian masquerade costumes everyone,” as if they haven’t all been dressing like extras in the worst Jane Austen adaptation ever for over a year. So yeah, everyone basically just added a mask to their everyday outfits.
  • Billy Eichner is back, baby! And he’s got some great footage to use as an audition for the next Mad Max movie.
  • I hope the forbidden, teenage love plot stays dead. What good is your perfect DNA against venom-laced apples? Not much!
  • When one Sarah Paulson falls, another shall rise in her place. As it is written, so shall it be. The witches have finally made an appearance! Well, Myrtle, Cordelia and Madison, but I’m sure the others are coming soon.
  • So, three of our bunker residents are actually witches? I get Mallory and Dinah. We saw Mallory go all Dark Phoenix (her words, but they also would have been my words) when threatened by Langdon, and he was worried when he found out Dinah was alive and well in the bunker. But Coco? I think maybe the witches got confused. If there’s anyone in the bunker with magical powers, it’s Mr. Gallant. Did you see Coco’s Marie Antoinette-inspired, birdcage up-do?
  • That final line. 

    J-Hope Eyeroll
    It’s too perfect not to use twice.

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