Here We Go A-Gin Burger (Comes with Drinking Game)

Bob’s Burgers Drinking Game

For 149 glorious episodes, Bob’s Burgers has been serving delicious patties on a whole lotta yummy puns (see what I did there?). Though already the most delightful thing ever created, we’re adding even more fun by doing what we do best: making a drinking game. To celebrate the 150th episode of the modern animated classic, put some burgers on the grill, crack open a cold one and don’t worry about being too loud, obnoxious, horny or even gassy, because you’re about to play the Bob’s Burgers drinking game!

Take a drink when:

  1. Tina groans
  2. Tina talks about or stares at butts
  3. Gene makes fart noises
  4. Louise is plotting a devious prank
  5. Bob mumbles, “Oh my god”
  6. Bob talks to objects or food
  7. Linda sings
  8. Somebody is drunk or still high from laughing gas
  9. You see the burger of the day
  10. There’s a great pun
  11. There’s a toilet
  12. Jimmy Jr. dances
  13. Tammy is mean to Jocelyn or Tina
  14. Bob and Jimmy Pesto argue
  15. Teddy reveals something depressing about his life
  16. Gayle is with or talking about her cats
  17. Fischoeder makes Bob do him a favor

Finish your drink when:

  1. Two-butted goat!
  2. Linda flashes her boobies to save the family
  3. A holiday-themed episode is starting
  4. Louise loses her ears

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