Review – AHS: Apocalypse “The Morning After”

While the crossover with Coven still remains unseen, we now have compelling evidence that the latest season of American Horror Story takes place in the same universe as the Alien franchise. Because Kathy Bates is totally a robot, right? I mean, white, milk-like fluid in place of blood is such an iconic image; it’s basically cinematic shorthand for a character being an android. It’s possible that Miriam’s unusual insides are the result of exposure to radiation or something, but that feels like less fun. Although, introducing an android into the story feels profoundly dumb. Classic AHS!

“The Morning After” ramps up the action after the rather sedate premiere (except for that whole end of the world business). Besides Miriam’s milkshake guts, we got sex, murder and Evan Peters being whipped while yelling out the names of gay icons from the ’70s. Peak AHS. Plus, Rubber Man is back baby! He’s still just as into dubious consent based on mistaken identity as he was in Murder House, but it’s unclear if it’s Tate Langdon under the mask. His spirit is presumably still trapped in the titular homicide abode, but maybe Michael found a way to spring his dear old dad or the nuclear bomb freed the ghosts.

The bulk of the plot is dedicated to Michael beginning his interviews to determine who is fit to take to the Sanctuary. Mr. Gallant is the first one up, having volunteered. Michael is most interested in his relationship with Evie, especially how much the hairdresser hates his grandmother. That leads to a nice flashback involving Gallant slurping bisque through a gas mask while blasting “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood at a luncheon Evie is hosting. (This episode is so much better than the first one.)

The investigation into Gallant’s conflicting needs to rebel and be loved is interesting. (And it explains why he would go out of his way to rescue his grandmother from the blast if he hates her so much.) Evie’s breakdown of why exactly her grandson is a failure is even better, and Joan Collins will be missed since Evie’s been given the axe—well, the scissors. I can’t say I was surprised when Gallant killed her—she did unapologetically try to have him offed to increase her survival chances—but I was expecting a more direct attack, not a weird Rubber Man hallucination.

Venable is the other bunker inhabitant under Michael’s scrutiny. And it was effective to see her icy facade shatter when he forced her to reveal her crooked back. Between that moment and Michael’s story about encountering a mother and her children dying from radiation on his way to Outpost 3, I’m starting to think that this Antichrist fellow might be a bit of an asshole.

As for other bunker inhabitants, Stu’s boyfriend is present for one scene to bitch about the Stu stew again, Dinah likes the Hardy Boys, and Coco and Mallory complain that they have it worse than the older folks because they’re used to having more choices. (There are, after all, at least four different guys named Chris who could star in a movie.) Oh, and our two genetically superior lovebirds bone after finding out that the no-copulation rule was created by Venable, not the Collective. They get this info from a mysterious email found on Michael’s equally mysterious laptop. But seriously, who leaves their computer on, let alone partially open, in this scenario? The cracked open laptop was a huge red flag, and those two idiots should have realized that. Perfect DNA, my ass. I know the apocalypse happened and the literal Antichrist brought along a rapey gimp thing, but they are the worst thing to happen on this show so far.

Next week, we’re getting a Halloween episode even though it’s still September, and the rest of the show’s Halloween episodes happened much closer to the actual day. Maybe the apocalypse threw their calendar off?

Cake Rating: Food in this episode included immortal snake stew and bisque, so I guess the theme is soup. Is cake soup a thing? Well, I’m making it a thing. One bowl of cake soup and a firm warning to stay away from obvious traps such as, oh I don’t know, conveniently left open laptops!

You can eat your cake soup with a “Silver Spoon” and maybe wash it down with some “Coffee.” Am I done making random BTS references? “Not Today.” (Source)

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