You’re Booze-iful

Did you ever wonder what was up with all those pig-nosed bunnies on the DramaFever website? Well, the iconic K-drama You’re Beautiful has the answer—and it’s pretty great. You’re Beautiful will have you swooning and laughing without even a drop of alcohol, but that doesn’t mean you can’t drunkenly consume every beautiful episode.

Follow the world’s greatest fictional band, A.N.Jell, and its charismatic members: 1.) Taekyung, the most loveable man who almost never smiles and a genius in music, guy-liner and seeing in the dark. 2.) Shinwoo, a man whose name deserves a spot in the dictionary: Shinwoo (verb) – to be repeatedly, harshly rejected by the same damn person. 3.) Jeremy, a flamboyant man with surprising mood swings, a treasure bus, a dog named Angelina Jolie and a whole lot of gay panic. 4.) Last, and certainly least, Minam, who actually isn’t in the show very much because he’s recovering from botched plastic surgery in the U.S., leaving his twin sister (who we will call “Fake Minam”) to take his place as the band’s fourth member while he is away, resulting in the expected K-drama shenanigans.

So buy some booze, grab your piggy-bunny and pray to Reverend Mother that you don’t get Shinwooed. This is the drinking game for You’re Beautiful.

Take a drink when:

  1. Someone gets drunk
  2. Hoonyi’s (Minam’s manager) imagination gets a little carried away
  3. Taekyung smiles
  4. Fake Minam calls for Reverend Mother
  5. Taekyung calls Fake Minam a piggy-bunny
  6. Shinwoo gets Shinwooed
  7. Shinwoo pats Fake Minam’s head
  8. Shinwoo tells Fake Minam that they are close
  9. Someone loses or finds Fake Minam’s barrette
  10. Taekyung calls Heyi fake
  11. Someone says angel or “A.N.Jell”
  12. Hwaran says something exceptionally awful to Taekyung
  13. Shenanigans take place in a bathroom
  14. Someone drinks water
  15. Fake Minam is offered food or beverage
  16. Jeremy is eating something
  17. One of Taekyung’s allergies is revealed
  18. Whenever you hear Miley Cyrus’s “The Climb” playing
  19. Jeremy has a gay panic moment
  20. Shinwoo makes tea
  21. Fake Minam finds a star

Finish your drink when:

  1. The real Minam returns to the band
  2. Taekyung explains fan fiction
  3. Taekyung gets attacked by a pig
  4. A truly perplexing series of events takes place in a swimming pool
  5. Two people lose their minds after they kiss
  6. Jeremy has a meltdown
  7. A.N.Jell reenact some of their greatest commercials

Featured image: one of the few but beautiful moments that Taekyung smiles (credit)

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  1. You’re Beautiful!!! One of my favorite Kdrama of all time! ^__^ I can’t get enough of it after finishing the drama — I have to watched the behind the scenes at youtube! haha! ^o^


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