Sake!!! On ICE

This winter, you could watch the world’s top figure skaters compete for gold at the Olympics, but it’s guaranteed to provide far less excitement and entertainment than the figure skating anime Yuri!!! On ICE. It’s the most erotic show to have absolutely zero sex, serving us animated man butt, the most romantic of platonic relationships and sexy, steaming pork cutlet bowls. With our drinking game, we’ll further the excitement so much that you’ll just have to add another exclamation mark. Get ready for our Ultra-Competitive!!! Drinking GAME!

Take a drink when:

  1. Yuri comments on his love for pork cutlet bowls
  2. Yuri is embarrassed
  3. Yurio (or Russian Yuri) yells at someone
  4. Victor’s butt is exposed
  5. Victor talks about kissing or being in a relationship with Yuri
  6. Yurio is mobbed by fans
  7. Someone “mistakes” Yuri and Victor for a couple
  8. Yuri skates to “On Love: Eros”
  9. A skater falls on the ice
  10. A skater brags
  11. A skater appears to climax on the ice

Finish your drink when:

  1. Yuri “proposes” to Victor
  2. Yuri and Victor “kiss”

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