Alcohol is the Moment

Booze ̶ sorry ̶ Boys Over Flowers fans: did you enjoy watching Lee Min Ho play a rich high schooler who falls in love with a poor girl but wish to see even more attractive rich guys in unhealthy relationships and the most miserable leading lady? You’re in luck! Heirs hits all the K-drama beats and gives us the greatest gift of all: the intense cheekbones of Kim Woo Bin (Choi Young Do). To help you further enjoy your 20-hour binge session, binge on some alcohol—but don’t snort bean powder.

Take a drink when:

  1. Young Do and Kim Tan have a physical altercation
  2. Young Do fondly remembers un-romantic moments with Eun Sang (i.e. tripping her, making eye contact while beating someone up)
  3. Eun Sang cries
  4. Kim Tan wears a bomber jacket
  5. Young Do is eating at the convenience store
  6. Someone calls somebody else a bastard or illegitimate
  7. Kim Tan grabs Eun Sang
  8. Bo Na is jealous of Eun Sang
  9. Young Do does judo
  10. Someone is in the wine cellar
  11. Kim Tan’s mom drinks wine
  12. Chan Young and his father have adorable bonding time
  13. You see that damn dreamcatcher
  14. Myung Soo takes someone’s picture
  15. Love is the moment

Finish your drink when:

  1. Young Do wears the longest striped scarf in existence
  2. Young Do gets a new hairdo
  3. Young Do thinks two children are making fun of him for not having a mom
  4. The students play an intense game of paintball (but it still doesn’t come close to Community)
  5. Jay snorts bean powder
  6. You find out that Kim Tan is the dumbest person in his year

Featured image: Kim Tan’s mom loves herself some wine–except for this one time. (Image credit)

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