Happy Stranger Chrismas!

If you’ve seen our post about the scavenger hunt  for our Harry Potter Halloween party, then you already know that Stephanie and I have a penchant for pop culture-inspired holiday parties and cheap-ass, easy decorations. Our Christmas party was no exception. After we found an incredible picture of the white Chrises of cinema on a Christmas tree—excuse me, Chrismas tree—Stephanie, with her unparalleled love of the white Chrises, made the perfect decision of creating a Chrismas wreath.

For her beautiful creation, Stephanie purchased a cheap-ass wreath and some sparkly paper from Michael’s. She then printed out amazing pictures, mostly holiday and/or cat-themed, of Chris Pine, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt. Here comes the only tricky part: sparkly paper does not like having things glued to it, so Stephanie had to very heavily apply glue on both the sparkly paper and the Chrises using a glue stick in order for them to adhere. Maybe we’ll use hot glue if we do this again. Lesson learned.

Only the best for our party guests, but mostly for the two of us. 

But of course we can’t limit ourselves to one pop culture trend. In another stroke of genius, Stephanie decided to create another decoration based on Stranger Things. This embarrassingly simple Winona Ryder-inspired display required colored string lights, a Sharpie, blank paper and tape. We used the Sharpie to sloppily write “HAPPY HOLIDAYS,” each letter on a different piece of paper. After creating a serpentine shape with the lights, we applied the letters underneath them.

We communicated with Will in the upside-down, and this is what he had to say. What a nice kid.

I am aware that I probably could have just posted pictures of these decorations and readers could figure out how to make them. But it’s too late. You’re welcome for these unnecessary instructions. It’s the best present that a couple of poor blogging nerds could possibly give you. Except maybe for this:

Happy Stranger Chrismas!

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