2017 Was Bullshit

Note: This is a collaborative piece by both Amanda and Stephanie Unless you’re a rich, cis-male white supremacist, this was just not your year. But we’re not here to dwell on serious issues, like the barrage of sexual harassment/assault allegations that shed light on the dark impact of rape culture in pop culture. We stick true... Continue Reading →

Happy Stranger Chrismas!

If you’ve seen our post about the scavenger hunt  for our Harry Potter Halloween party, then you already know that Stephanie and I have a penchant for pop culture-inspired holiday parties and cheap-ass, easy decorations. Our Christmas party was no exception. After we found an incredible picture of the white Chrises of cinema on a... Continue Reading →

Review: Wonder

Wonder made my mom cry. But it’s the kind of movie designed to make moms cry, so that’s not really saying much. The story of a fifth-grade boy with a severe facial deformity (Jacob Tremblay) going to school for the first time was bound to cause a few sniffles. To the film’s credit, it’s not... Continue Reading →

Review: The Justice League

The Justice League is bad, but it’s also not the complete and utter slog Batman vs. Superman was. There’s certainly entertainment to be had, and I wouldn’t hate to watch it again. Unfortunately for the film, that’s largely to do with its incompetence. There’s a certain level of ineptitude that you just can’t help but... Continue Reading →

Review: The Florida Project

With The Florida Project, Sean Baker walks a very fine line. Like in his last film Tangerine, he’s examining a group of people marginalized by society. But the movie refrains from being either a sentimental sermon or dismissive caricature. It lives somewhere in the middle. Offering some truly trashy and often hilarious moments with some... Continue Reading →

Review: Blade Runner 2049

Honestly, it’s been two months since I’ve seen Blade Runner 2049, so this is really more of a distant reflection. I liked the film, a lot really. In some ways, I would even say its better than the original. It certainly works better as a detective story. Ryan Gosling’s K actually does detective work that... Continue Reading →

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