Major Key Alert: The Best Harry Potter Scavenger Hunt

Stephanie and I recently threw a Harry Potter party in celebration of Halloween and nerdiness. Our party featured a lot of amazing things, including a Domhnall Gleeson mask (because we should never forget that he is the most successful Hogwarts alum), but one of our favorite and most original activities (especially since almost everything else we used to decorate, eat, drink and entertain was from the internet) was Stephanie’s scavenger hunt. For us, a Harry Potter-themed party doesn’t mean that we can’t include other pop culture references, and the scavenger hunt was our chance to feature some of our favorite icons to ensure our party wasn’t too mono-cultural, because that’s just not our lifestyle. If you have friends who are pop culture savvy, or if you want to annoy the pop culture amateurs in your life, use our clues and get your Harry Potter party started!

The super important mask.


1. You won’t be managing much mischief without this.
2. Muggles traditionally give these stitches, but wizards are more sporting about it.
3. Gryffindors and Slytherins may want to crack open a Silk almond milk and get a head start on their taxes with Turbotax because only the smart and loyal can find this item. Don’t forget to Snapchat your Major discovery.
4. Get your “Crayon” ready to sketch this beast in Care of Magical Creatures. This “One of a Kind” creature has a lot of Seoul.
5. The message of this totally awesome franchise is not so much about power, responsibility or romancing redheads, but more that everything sucks and then falls to shit. Oh, and don’t tell Harry about the new guy; he could barely handle Andrew Garfield.
6. While easily confused with Dumbledore, we should all be glad this wizard was never headmaster. Everyone would have failed.
7. While his surname may invoke the Weasleys, there’s no relation. When not writing about fantastic beasts, he’s known for his work in physics, owning and farming Earth, and becoming a woman.
8. If Cher had one of these, she’d take back all those words that hurt you and you’d stay.
9. Despite working for the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office, Arthur Weasley was never sure of the function of this bath time object.


1. Marauder’s map
2. Snitch
3. DJ Khaled
4. G-Dragon
5. Spiderman
6. Gandalf
7. Eddie Redmayne
8. Time turner
9. Rubber duck



1. We printed out a Marauder’s map from this website.

2.We got lazy/cheap and printed out a picture of a snitch instead of making/buying one.
3. Pretty proud of this one. We made some flying keys that we hung from the ceiling and included a picture of DJ Khaled on one of them.

A crappy picture of this blessed musician.

4. Easy. We purchased an adorable little dragon and painted a “G” on it.

A crappy picture of our very own G-Dragon. He will not be enlisting for the military.

5. We just printed out a picture of Spiderman and taped it next to some decorative spiders.
6. We printed out a meme of his most iconic moment.

Image credit

7. This picture was too precious, so we used it.


Image credit

8. One of our friends is a devoted Harry Potter fan who owned her own time turner.
9. Just a classic rubber duck.



There are different ways you can distribute clues, but we decided to place each clue in a golden egg (Goblet of Fire callback!). We had 9 participants, which is an awkward number of people, so we split people up into 4 teams of 2 (each team was a Hogwarts house), and since one of our guests had zero Harry Potter knowledge but showed up anyway because he just loves Stephanie’s dog so much, we stuck him in another team. Each team received 2 eggs, except Gryffindor which received 3 since they had 3 members, and we hid items throughout the apartment.

Overall, the activity was a success, with everyone eventually finding their items despite a lack of awareness regarding the social media genius of DJ Khaled.

Sadly, we did not get to enjoy our Harry Potter drinking game, but check that out if you want to binge some butterbeer and some magical movies.


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