My Only Drinking Song

Your destination has been set, so strap in and let the magical and adorable time-traveling Boong Boong take control because you’re about to get wasted. We’re back with another K-Drama drinking game, this time for My Only Love Song. Pull up a plate of chicken feet, calculate the price of everything you own and contemplate your own personal beauty with the beverage of your choice.

Take a drink when:

  1. Someone is singing a drinking song or playing a drinking game (Duh!)
  2. On Dal thinks about or comments on the price of something
  3. Su Jeong eats chicken feet, or her love of chicken feet is discussed
  4. Su Jeong kicks someone
  5. Il Yong refers to himself as a beautiful flower
  6. Someone misuses the word “numbnuts”
  7. Poor Boong Boong gets abused (i.e. hit, cursed at, etc.)
  8. Sam Yong inappropriately embraces someone
  9. On Dal and Su Jeong kiss
  10. Someone cries
  11. Mu Myeong refuses to let someone treat his wounds
  12. Someone is thought dead, but (surprise!) he or she is fine
  13. One of Mu Myeong’s throwing daggers is shown
  14. Boong Boong starts for On Dal
  15. Su Jeong or On Dal wears a mustache
  16. Someone freaks out when they see an invention from modern times
  17. Gwang Nyeo and Sam Yong put flowers in each other’s hair (including flashbacks)


Finish your drink when:

  1. Mu Myeong says Princess Pyeonggang’s name
  2. Everyone puts on kigurumis (onesies)
  3. Su Jeong introduces K-Pop and booty shorts to Goguryeo (one a Korea’s three historical kingdoms–you’re learning in a drinking game!)
  4. Choose one of these scenes and finish your drink every time there is a flashback to it:
    1. Su Jeong curses at the director and Mi Jin
    2. Su Jeong and On Dal meet in jail
    3. Pyeonggang and Mu Myeong dig their way out of her quarters
    4. On Dal rescues Su Jeong from Il Yong
    5. Su Jeong mocks Il Yong’s appearance and the size of his penis
My Only Love Song
Sam Yong, Su Jeong, On Dal, Princess Pyeonggang, Mu Myeong and in the back with the selfie stick, Il Yong (image source)

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