Harry Potter and the Goblet of Firewhisky

It’s always a good time for binging Harry Potter and booze. Our Harry Potter drinking game is guaranteed to make you so wasted that you’ll think you can speak Parseltongue. Conjure up some butterbeer, and enjoy!

Warning: don’t operate a Nimbus 2000 or flying car while under the influence.

Take a drink when:

1. Someone says “the chosen one”
2. Someone says “he-who-shall-not-be-named”
3. Someone dies
4. One of Hagrid’s magical creature friends becomes super dangerous
5. Ron and Hermione argue
6. Someone speaks to snakes
7. Someone almost dies playing quidditch
8. Weird shit goes down in a bathroom
9. Snape and Harry have a tense encounter
10. Hedwig appears
11. The whomping willow whomps some ass
12. Someone flies on something that is not a broom
13. Someone drinks some wizarding world booze
14. A book almost kills somebody
15. Someone says “muggle”
16. You see a Horcrux (not including Harry or else you’ll die)
17. Someone says “Expelliarmus”
18. Malfoy mentions his father
19. Hogwarts gets a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher

Finish your drink when:

1. Hermione punches Malfoy
2. Ron sees CGI Harry and Hermione have some dumb-looking sex
3. Neville starts to look kinda hot
4. The epilogue gives you all the feels
5. Ron almost dies playing chess
6. Dumbledore screws Slytherin from winning the house cup by awarding a bunch of points to Gryffindor
7. Voldemort comes back—not as the back of someone’s head but as a no-nosed Ralph Fiennes

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