Review: AHS: Cult “Neighbors From Hell”

Review: AHS: Cult “Neighbors from Hell”

Last week’s AHS kinda got away from us. The episode was an improvement over the previous, but neither of us had much to say about it. But before tonight’s episode airs, here are some reflections on “Neighbors From Hell”:

  • Did clowns have sex on some watermelons?: No, but Billy Eichner threw Taco Bell coupons at Sarah Paulson while calling her racist, yelling about being 10% Hispanic and wearing a sombrero. It was pretty amazing.
  • Also, Leslie Grossman was there also being great, but I was just excited to see Billy Eichner yelling. I really want Harrison to just be a life-action Mr. Ambrose from Bob’s Burgers.
It’s actually perfect because this is AHS and Mr. Ambrose is a witch. (Image Source)
  • Cheyenne Jackson’s therapist has gotten a little more sinister. One of his patients is killed by the clowns after meeting with him. There was also some rather foreboding feeling framing when he’s on the phone with Ally. Although, I was totally behind him being 100% done with Ally and her plan to talk to her “people” (i.e. the people calling for her prosecution for killing Pedro). I also appreciated that he shut down that childhood story.
  • Are the protesters fake? Kai really appears to control them. It’s weird; this seems like something there’d be real protesters for.
  • Ivy’s reaction to finding that Ally almost cheated with Winter was fine, but she does really gloss over the fact that someone is filming their family without their knowledge. Also, neither of them really questioned how their son stumbled across the video. They continue to be A+ parents. (Side Note: Why is Ivy’s parental control password the name of a killer clown?)
  • Harrison is now friends with Colton Haynes’ bleached blond cop. Amanda and I speculated that his hair may be a neo-Nazi thing. This may be evidence against that.
  • Even more A+ parenting, they leave Ozzy unattended while confronting Harrison at the end of the episode. There’s only been brutal murders, strange people entering their house, serial killer graffiti, creepy chemical trucks and one guinea pig microwave incident recently in the neighborhood. He’s totes fine on his own.
  • R.I.P Mr. Guinea, you may have had a dumb, cisgendered name but no one deserves to go out like that.

Cake Rating: It was an entertaining hour of television. Maybe pop a couple mini cupcakes and call psychiatrist Cheyenne Jackson in the morning (or don’t because clowns might kill you).

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