Booze Over Flowers

Put on your fancy suits, cook some ramen, and don’t forget the soju when you’re playing our drinking game for the ultimate high school K-drama, Boys Over Flowers.

Take a drink when:
1. Someone is drowning
2. Someone is kidnapped
3. Jan Di says “Gu Jun Pyo”
4. Jun Pyo says “Guem Jan Di”
5. There is physical violence
6. It seems like Jun Pyo will try and kiss Jan Di, but he doesn’t
7. Someone plays a musical instrument
8. Someone says “F4”
9. F4 plays sports
10. Someone from F4 wears a scarf
11. Yi Jung and Woo Bin try to save Jan Di and Jun Pyo’s relationship
12. Yi Jung and Ga Eul have tea
13. Ji Hoo picks up Jan Di on his motorcycle
14. Jan Di’s family gets into financial trouble
15. Jun Pyo eats or talks about ramen
16. Someone gives Jan Di a makeover
17. Jan Di swims

Finish your drink when:
1. There’s a long build-up to a lame kiss
2. Woo Bin kicks ass
3. There is a flashback to the F4’s childhood
4. Jan Di loses something
5. Ji Hoo kisses Jan-di on the forehead
6. A character gets drunk

From left to right: Woo Bin and Yi Jung (who sadly do not become a couple) and Jun Pyo, Jan Di and Ji Hoo (the most dramatic of love triangles)

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